Are U Ready To Compete?

Let me give you the bad news first. The summer’s over. Yep, no more lazy days of theme parks and hanging out. For kids at school there will be less late night and way more studying. If that were the only issue, depression might set in. Now for the good news. Competition season is back!

If you’re like most dedicated dancers, there was still dancing going on during the summer. Now it’s back to classes, intensives, new skills and new routines. It’s sort of like getting all your new notebooks for the first day of school. Everything is shiny and has that new smell about it.

Becoming A Better Team

competition season 2Team Prodigy did well last year in our second real year of competition dance. We were able to win 1st Place overall in one competition and 5th place overall in another. The idea of competition was not too much for the team members. What is even more impressive is that each member of the team worked to support each other. This is the real goal: To work together and become a better team. This year is going to be exciting as we have some new things to look forward to.

We’ll be unveiling our new uniforms in the coming weeks. We’re so excited about how they look and feel, we can’t wait for you to see them. Our first major team activity is happening November 20th. Team Prodigy will be participating in the KAR dance convention. It’s a great experience for our new competition dancers and gets them ready for the season.

Competition Sites 2017

We will be attending three competitions this season:

  • Dance Xplosion: 1/27/17 – 1/29/17
  • Legacy Dance Championship: 3/24/17 – 3/26/17
  • KAR Dance Competition: 5/12/17 – 5/14/17

Competitions usually take place from Friday – Sunday and we will not know our day or time until we receive the schedule from the competition sponsor.

Prodigy Family Support Helps

One thing that helps team members is hearing the crowd cheering for them. It really boosts their spirit and they work to compete better. Last year, many parents and friends came and we believe THAT is the reason we were so successful. Dancers who are thinking about joining the team will get the experience of seeing what goes on. Most competitions do not charge to attend which is good too! So we’re giving you plenty of notice. Clear your calendar and come see a great show!

How You Can Help

Our team members learn about being successful by seeing what we do. All of us by gifts for family and friends for the holidays. Help our team by participating in our Winter Holiday Catalogue Fundraiser.  We’re  also going to have a Bowling Night this year that will be open to all Prodigy families and friends, with the proceeds going to our Dance team. Lastly, (and really yummy!) We’ll be doing a Prodigy Dance Team Bake Sale. All these things will show team members how to be entrepreneurs AND will help defer team costs for them and their parents.

We’re looking forward to telling you more, stay tuned!