Prodigy Contests – Fun With Creativity Too!

We’re very exciting to share with you something we’d been working on for the past year. We’re introducing Prodigy Contests, a fun new way to stay connected with the Prodigy family, win prizes and cultivate your artistic skills. Learned a new skill or have an idea for something you think is cool? We might have a contest that will allow you to see what other people think about it.

Vote For Your Favorite Person!

Prodigy ContestsOur first event, The Great Prodigy Camp T-Shirt Selfie Contest, gives you a chance to vote on the best selfie taken by Prodigy Arts Campers of themselves in our new t-shirts. Now Moms and Dads or other family members may have to help out a little but hey, that’s half the fun! If you’re a camper, this is a great time to show your selfie taking skills. Entry is easy and the earlier you enter, the better chance you have of winning!

Vote As Often As You Like For Whoever You Like

We’re keeping the restrictions down for these contests. Most will allow you to vote for yourself as often as you like and as many people as you want. If you like everybody’s entry, hey, vote for them all! Once you submit your vote, you have to wait 3 hours for your next opportunity. That’s the only limitation.

Dance Contests, Singing Contests and More…

We’ll be hosting at least one contest a month and maybe more! An innovative dance move contest may feature something new you created. Maybe it’s a Youtube video contest. We might even set up a contest to vote on the best contest! Just bookmark our contest page and check back to see what’s taking place.

So that’s it. Stop by our Prodigy Contest page today and take part in the Prodigy T-Shirt Selfie Contest. Enjoy the rest of your week!