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  • Zahara Saintyl Post
Who is Zahara Saintyl? When students do great things at Prodigy, we want to let you know about it. Proudly we want to introduce you to Zahara Saintyl. A dancer, actor & budding singer at Prodigy, Zahara is poised to...
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  • Prodigy Dollars Post
Earn Prodigy Dollars By Practicing We’ve introduced a new form of currency at Prodigy! Prodigy Dollars are a way for students to earn a reward for all their hard work of practice and performance. In addition to performance incentives, students...
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  • Prodigy Arts Camp Fun While Learning 2
Prodigy Arts Camp Makes Being An Artist Fun We’re excited to showcase our camps for this summer. Prodigy Arts Camp was a lot of fun before, but now we’ve turned the fun up! This year we’re unveiling THREE great camp...
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  • Halloween Costume Choice
Best Halloween Costume?                         Another great Halloween has gone by and Dia de los Muertos has ended for another year. We hope you enjoyed it. The contest is now...
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  • good readers make good actors
GOOD READERS AREN’T BORN, THEY’RE MADE Parents watch their children act out at home and immediately believe they will be good actors. While sometimes that’s true, most people find out it’s not just about how to perform a line they...
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  • acting
Acting Exploration What will you learn in acting class? You learn the joy and discipline of becoming a good actor through actual experience rather than just theory. Students explore using imagination to create characters while staying in character during a scene. Good reading skills...
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