We’re celebrating two events next week: Halloween and Dia de los Muertos! What better way to celebrate it than to have a contest for the best look!

What Is Dia De Los Muertos?

Many of you are familiar with Halloween, which is celebrated on Monday the 31st. But not as many of you are familiar with Dia de los Muertos. It is a popular holiday that is celebrated this year on November 1st – 2nd. This Mexican holiday focuses on family and friends getting together. Everyone prays for and remembers those who have died and help support their spiritual journey.

Let The Contest Begin!

In honor of these two holidays, we’re putting together a special picture contest. The contest is EXCLUSIVELY for Prodigy School of the Arts students. It’s very easy to participate! Simply take a picture of the student’s costume (must be worn of course). Fill out our form below with the student’s name and your email address. Then, upload the picture using our uploader at the bottom of the form. That’s all there is to it to enter.

All pictures must be received no later than November 2nd 11:59 pm.

We will be posting the pictures to our Facebook account. You can invite friends and family (and you too!) to LIKE the picture from Nov 3rd – 10th. The student with the most likes wins the contest.

What’s The Winning Prize?

The prize is a $25.00 gift card! This is given to the Prodigy student who’s picture receives the most likes.

Ready to take that picture? Ok let’s get started!