Is Grandparent Day a Thing?

So many of us remember Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. But what about one of the favorite adults in the world, grandparents? Enter Grandparent day! It’s a great time to remind our children about family and reinforce the special bond grandparents have with their grandkids. So, is it a thing? Heck yeah!

Grandparent Day 2Make Them Feel Special on Grandparent Day

There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the look on Grandparent’s faces when they’re with their grandkids. Sure, you’re left wondering “who is this person and why wasn’t he/she like this when I was a kid?” but, the memories for both the grandkids and grandparents make all the different in the world.

Spending time with grandkids helps keep grandparents young. They feel off of the energy kids bring and those endorphines keep them young at heart and young in spirit. It is a known fact that grandparents that interact with their grandkids have less health problems than when they don’t interact with their loved ones.

Benefit to Kids

Grandkids benefit greatly from their interactions with Gran and Papa. Often, they learn things about family history that their grandparents have preserved. Family photos and movies from when Mom & Dad were small show their children how much like them they are. Grandparents are very helpful to the educational process of their grandkids, who look forward to pleasing them. It’s a win win for everyone involved.

Most importantly, children learn how important grandparents are to their lives. Celebrating Grandparent Day yields benefits, not just for YOUR children, but when you become a grandparent, you too. They will always fondly remember those fun days with their grandparents and pass the experience on to their kids. By sharing this one event, family history and togetherness will grow into the future.


Not every family is lucky enough to have Grandma or Grandpa alive while the children grow up. Grandparent Day is a great day to sit that little one on your lap and show them pictures or tell stories about them. In this way, you will develop and continue traditions that will be a part of the family for generations to come. It is also a good way to health the spirit of a recently departed person. Talking and laughing about their memories is great for healing.

So to all of you grandparents out there, Happy Grandparent Day!