A Prodigy Baby Gets His Wings

This is probably the most difficult post I have had to write. When we think about a Prodigy baby, we often have a smile on our face. At Prodigy we love babies. It’s probably why we have a Kindermusik program. Babies are so full of promise & love and let’s face it, they’re just adorable. Unfortunately, a Prodigy baby has left us.

On January 25th 2017, Bryson August Horneck left us and joined the Angels. Bryson was only 3 months old. His sister, Brianna Horneck is one of our best students at Prodigy and has been very brave in helping Mom and Dad through this difficult time.

A Time To Support

Anyone who has had a sick child or one that left us early knows how challenging this type of event is on Mom and Dad. As a school that loves and values children, we tried to think of how to best honor Bryson, give comfort to his parents and help Brianna survive such a tragedy. We thought of asking parents and friends to call Mom & Dad to pass on words of support. In thinking it through, we thought too many people calling at different times might be more painful for the family and a constant reminder of Bryson’s passing.

We have settle on two alternate ideas at this time. First, if you have a card you would like to send the family, please send them to Prodigy School of The Arts, 490 Uniondale Avenue, Uniondale, NY, 11553. We will be collecting these cards for the next two weeks and will then present them to his parents all at once. We know that this will bring comfort to the family. Second, we ask that you please leave a message attached to this post that we will advise Mom and Dad about later in this month. Again, it will bring some joy to Mom, Dad and Sister at this time.

For those of you who attended Bryson’s Wake and/or Funeral, we thank you for your loving act. We know how much it helped Mom and Dad. It is times like these that selfless acts of kindness do more than anything else. Your presence helped a family in need of support and that will ALWAYS be remembered.

There is a gofundme.com fundraiser for the family that you can participate in. Please give what you can. Here is the link: IN MEMORY OF BRYSON AUGUST HORNECK

Lastly, at night before you go to sleep, say a prayer for Bryson. Give your own babies (no matter how grown) a hug and kiss and remember, what we do as parents is about OUR CHILDREN….

May God Bless You!