learning to move 1Whether reaching for a nose, lifting a head during tummy time, clapping, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or (gasp!) walking, your baby exerts tireless hours to learning to move. Children grow up fast, and the first year of life is no exception. Babies grow by leaps and bounds in their first year—or, more accurately, by grasps and scoots. One minute you hold a newborn who reflexively grasps your finger. Seemingly, the next minute your little baby intentionally reaches up to touch your nose.


In Prodigy Kindermusik, we understand the importance of both fine and gross motor skill development. Each week in class, we provide many opportunities for you and your baby to engage in fun, musical activities that support and strengthen each stage of your child’s movement development. From tummy time to playing with baby-safe instruments to gently bouncing your baby in your lap, class activities will support the development of the small and large muscles as well as coordination for more complex movements like eventually kicking a ball, jumping, and even writing.

learning to move 2So what do you do when you’re not in class? You’re at home and trying to think of a good way to keep the lesson idea going all week. It’s simple!  Just dance! In order to effectively learn to move, your baby must gain an understanding of gravity. Dancing together can help. So, put on some of your favorite music, and gently dance with your baby. Hold your little one in different positions: facedown (while still supporting the neck), sideways, or face forward. Your baby will respond with smiles & yes even laughs as you play together and guess what, you will respond in kind! During those moments that all Mommies go through when they are feeling down from being tired all the time, dancing with baby can bring up your mood and cheer you up. Not only are you doing wonders for your baby by moving to learn and learning to move, but the happiness you receive from watching your infant’s joy will last you all day long!

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