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Afro-Caribbean Dance

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Afro-Caribbean Dance

August 5, 2016

What Is Afro-Caribbean Dance?

Our African dance class is not a traditional African dance class. We combine African dance rhythms with Caribbean dance to create an exciting hybrid that is both entertaining and great for conditioning called Afro-Caribbean Dance.

Multicultural Roots

Caribbean dance, although multicultural, shares many common characteristics with African dance. In fact, African dance is at it’s roots. Worried you have never taken African before and can’t keep up? No need to worry! Since Caribbean dance is so multicultural, we combine African and Caribbean dance to help you adapt to the styles quickly. You won’t need prior training to enjoy this class, although more experienced students will find a lot to keep them motivated. This class will evolve as the the group evolves, adding more technique as the year goes on.

Concentration on the WHOLE Body

In many ways this class will be like a workout session. Our focus will be towards building arm, leg, and core strength. African dance requires keeping the knees bent which can be very tiring without proper conditioning. Our development of abdominal support, along with hamstring and quadricep strength conditioning will improve your over dance skills and provide the strength needed to perform African dance successfully. Career dancers will find this class to be challenging as well, helping them to better prepare for show auditions based upon style flexibility learned during the year. Planks, squats and a hint of pilates will bring your heart rate and physical strength up as you work week to week.

In Afro Caribbean dance we utilize the body as an instrument to act as a form of call and response with the music. The body becomes a percussive instrument that works in concert with the mood of the music. There is a spiritual awakening that takes place with the individual and the group when they learn to move together as one unit.

Since Afro-Caribbean dance is very high energy, this class will assist students in maintaining or losing weight. The high cardio levels associated with the class will help tone every part of the dancer’s body, making this a great exercise regimen as well as fun. All in all, this class will be a fun and exciting way to stay fit and become a better dancer!