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Drum Classes

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Drum Classes

August 3, 2016

The Prodigy School of the Arts drum program uses an extensively tested curriculum to develop drummers. After completion of core ideas, the student’s rhythm and feel for the instrument are as natural as breathing.

Not Just Drum Class – Music Theory Too

We begin by giving students a firm grasp of rudimentary concepts as well as extensive music theory. What sets our program apart is that we don’t just train drummers to be drummers; we train them to understand all the instruments and how they fit into musical compositions. Our drummers are musicians first, and it shows.

Classical & Modern Technique

We teach both modern and traditional technique. Students are given an opportunity to play along with today’s musical styles (hip hop, pop, rock, EDM, etc..) as well as some of the time tested styles like jazz and classical. Through a study of both classic and new techniques, our drummers become more complete performers and develop a more refined ear for music.

A Well Conceived Curriculum

The Prodigy curriculum has been developed over the course of 16 years, however it is always being refined and improved. This year our additions include a new focus on developing jazz technique, double bass pedal and hand/foot independence.
Prodigy Arts offers drum lessons for all ages and levels. Learn music reading and technique, while playing a variety of musical styles. Drum students will also have the opportunity to play with other musicians in our band workshops, showcases and recitals.