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Lights Camera Action!

Lights Camera Action!

August 3, 2016

Prepare Your Skills With Lights Camera Action!

Designed for a little more experienced acting students, Lights Camera Action! prepares the student for becoming a working actor. Emphasis in class is to build towards completing an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for each student that they can use for professional opportunities or just to show what they are capable of.

Students will be recording their completed projects to  Canon Pro video cameras.

Express Yourself!

Free your creativity, and feel comfortable in front of the camera or a live audience. LIGHTS, Camera, Action! is designed to teach you all you need to know about on camera acting. Through drama games, scene study, commercials and other exercises designed to highlight the differences between stage and film performances, you will learn to tailor your work for the camera.

Drama Games

Through more advanced drama games, students practice expression and the ability to convey a mood without speaking.  Prodigy students explore mime as a tool to get people to understand them without saying anything.

Scene Study

Teachers give students scenes to work on at home and discuss who each character is in that scene. This process helps the student explore imagination and really understand who the character is. After spending time at home and in class working on the scene on small camera, students will move to High resolution camera work for their final scene read. Their completed scene will go towards their EPK.


With today’s growing focus on animated features, more actors are preparing to do voiceover work. Our course will help students develop their voiceover skill set with animated work and teleprompter reads.

Local Business Commercials

Students who successfully complete scenes will get the opportunity to audition for commercials for local participating businesses. This gives them the opportunity of experiencing what it is like to audition for such roles and if chosen, receive exposure on the Internet or television. It is a great way to gain experience.

Each student will receive their completed work in the form of an EPK at the end of their class year.


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