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Piano – Private and Group

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Piano – Private and Group

August 3, 2016


piano 4Piano students of all ages and levels can advance their skills at Prodigy. The earlier students begin with us, the faster they will progress. By focusing on fundamentals, we help the student avoid bad habits that become big problems as students play more advanced pieces.

Strong NYSSMA Preparation

We use a combination of Suzuki and traditional teaching pedagogy. This ensures the student will have the technical training and still remain excited about the instrument. They learn to actually play pieces while working on technical skills.  This helps students understand WHAT they are playing as well as help them be ABLE to play it. As students learn more complex pieces, this is essential. We suggest our students take part in the NYSSMA festival yearly. This festival will give them a sense of how well they are playing and what they will need to work on. All of our training gears the student towards being able to do well at NYSSMA.

Sight Reading & Music Theory

Sight reading and music theory is extremely important to the budding pianist. Major emphasis in class is teaching the student to be able to do this early on, thereby creating a habit they will use for the rest of their lives. We have specialized methods of doing this unique to Prodigy. In addition to our methods, we employ online programs whose primary focus is sight reading and music theory. The combination of our methodology and online programs creates an environment similar to a child learning the alphabet. With this foundation, the speed and effectiveness of a student’s learning capacity grows.

Learn Diverse Repertoire

We believe a student’s exposure to different styles of music increases their musical skills. Our repertoire ranges from Classical to Jazz to Pop. The ability to adapt to musical styles, when learned early, helps the students play those styles with more proficiency as they become more seasoned performers. Students can learn solo piano, how to accompany other performers, and ensemble keyboard playing.

Choice of Group or Private Lessons

We provide both group and private piano lessons. Over the years, we have found group piano lessons  can help foster the competitive spirit of students while taking the focus off of a single person. While success at piano takes considerably individualistic regimen, playing in a group teaches students how to play  in concert with other performers. This is also an opportunity for parents of young children to find out if the instrument works for their child BEFORE making the financial and time commitment associated with the instrument.

Working Together For Your Child’s Success

Teaching young children to play piano is a group effort. It takes a teacher putting the child on the right path and parents overseeing the child’s work ethic that will be a strong indicator of the student’s success. Setting a defined practice time daily is essential for success. At Prodigy, we believe that parents encouragement and involvement will help their child succeed. Our best students are those who have parents that demonstrate a belief in the child’s ability to learn. Simply stated, if we are interested, the child will be.