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Ready, Set, Act!

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Ready, Set, Act!

August 3, 2016

Ready, Set, Act! A Good Beginning

Ready, Set, Act! is a class designed to help our youngest actors explore the field of acting. They learn through acting games, reading exercises, and on camera work. Actors participating in this class will improve their speech, reading and confidence. This is class is designed to prepare students for memorization and scene study.

Acting Games

For young actors, memorizing lines can be very challenging. In some cases being able to sit in one place for an hour class will be next to impossible. Prodigy acting teachers use games to maintain their attention. Little by little we add acting tools that will help guide them in memorizing a script. These games focus on mood exploration. Teachers see how well they are able to express happy, sad, funny, agree and other moods in a game format that leaves the class laughing. This helps even the most shy child find a way to express themselves confidently.

Reading Exercises

The most important aspect of being a good actor is the ability to read. For beginners, we work with them on actual reading and it’s natural outgrowth, reading expression. Teachers access the class, identify the reading level of each student and assign pieces that will challenge them a little bit but will also make them feel confident in what they are doing.

Students get more comfortable with what they are reading and focus shifts to reading expression.  We teach students how the idea of a sentence can change just by how it is spoken. Students practice reading their pieces at home and class. Each student is videotaped so that they can see how well they are doing and work on any challenges they encounter.

On Camera Work

One of the most important parts of a Prodigy acting class is student on camera work. Short scripts that are practiced at home are provided to the student. Students are expected to come back to class with their scripts memorized and ready to  film. It is a great way for the teacher, parent and student to see how well the student is doing. This also helps the student learn camera performance.  Besides being a good way to develop skills, this exercise yields plenty of funny moments.

Ready, Set, Act is a great way to introduce your child to acting without high stress and with a lot of fun!