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String Class-Private and Group

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String Class-Private and Group

August 3, 2016

String Class Focus

String lessons are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Every student will learn the basics of note reading and rhythm along with learning proper playing & bowing technique. This is achieved through playing pieces and exercises in various styles: classical, bluegrass, jazz or Celtic/Scottish fiddle styles. Performance opportunities are available for both soloists and ensemble players at our recitals.

Strong NYSSMA Preparation

Students are prepared, not only to play their NYSSMA piece proficiently, but to play the required scales with accuracy and feeling. Like all instruments, much of the instrumental success will come from applied practice of taught skills.

Posture, Bow Technique

We emphasize correct posture and bow technique early in a student’s development. This will keep students from developing bad habits that will surface as they move further along in their studies.

Sight Reading, Music Theory and Phrasing

Our teachers require students to get used to sight reading and have a full understanding of the music theory required for their playing level. This allows the teacher to guide the student towards different styles of playing and phrasing. The more styles a student is exposed to, the larger their arsenal of phrasing.