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Summer Kindermusik Adventures

  • Summer Kindermusik Adventures

Summer Kindermusik Adventures

June 28, 2017

Summer Kindermusik Adventures Class Is Loads of Fun!

During our regular school year, our Kindermusik students focus on learning music and how to play music. It’s a great time for Mom, Dad & baby to bond, learn new education techniques and generally have fun. But what happens during the summer?

Some of our Kindermusik families go away and visit friends, family or some great place where they can just relax. For other families, relaxation happens at home. No crazy schedules to maintain, just a peaceful time. Now that’s great for Mom & Dad, but what about the little one? Our Summer Kindermusik Adventures is an answer everyone will love!

A Musical Mini Camp for Preschoolers

Our Summer Kindermusik Adventures class features fun activities for kids from 18 months to 5 years old. These classes are 45 minutes and work well with parents longing to enjoy the pool, picnic or (Heaven forbid!) going back to work. Here’s the classes:

Zoo Train (For 18 mos to 3 years)

Summer Kindermusik Adventures-Zoo TrainParents know that toddlers and trains make a natural match—always on the move. Tag along this summer with a traveling zoo train. Bring your own stuffed animals for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for polar bear paws and learn about real animals in the zoo. Sing songs for clapping time, and use music to help toddlers regulate emotions. It’s a fun way to teach your child so many things without them even knowing it!

On The Road (For 3 to 5 years)

Summer Kindermusik Adventures - On The RoadRe-live your childhood, with your child! Every song is likely to revive a memory from your summers’ past. Play “Eye Spy” and find shapes in the clouds to pass the time. Take imaginary trips in a bus named “Van Go” to fun-filled vacation destinations such as the carnival, a summer cottage, and the beach. There’s so much more you will discover at our On the Road class.

Join The Parade! (For 4 and 5 years)

Summer Kindermusik Adventures Join-the-ParadeIn Join the Parade, everyone gets to be in the band! Move to parade and march music, learn to identify woodwind instruments, learn about music concepts piano (quiet) and forte (loud), and meet Henry, who creates his own musical parade…by accident!

Each class has home materials that allow you and your child to have fun all week until the next class. During the summer that a great way to keep your little one happy on long vacation car rides.

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Zoo Train

On The Road



Join The Parade

Let’s Have a great summer together!