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August 3, 2016


Have you always wanted to sing? Let us teach you healthy vocal techniques to develop your voice to its fullest potential. Learn breath control and vocal placement, tone, phrasing and pitch, in addition to basic music theory and sight singing. Students will learn to exercise their vocal muscles to prepare for auditions and performances. Our lessons will also help students build confidence and pick appropriate audition material, all while having fun!

Breathe To Sing

Natural ability is only the beginning for a singer. A singer’s longevity as a vocalist is directly tied to how well he/she masters breathing technique. Learning proper breathing helps the vocal chords to keep moisture and not dry out. Prodigy teachers show students how to breathe properly and emphasis when this breathing is done correctly and when there are bad habits that must be overcome. Teachers work with the student for proper phrasing of song content. Breathing technique differs depending on the song style being performed. Prodigy teachers are aware of this and guide the student toward making breathing choices that also include good style choice.

Music Theory and Sight Singing

Consultations done with the student regarding their (or their parents if younger) goals in voice lessons will reveal the amount of emphasis towards sight reading That will take place. However much music theory and sight singing is done, all Prodigy teachers will emphasis that both are an integral part of a student’s voice lesson progress. Students who are participating in NYSSMA festivals are expected to master theory including the Circle of Fifths and knowledge of musical symbols. They are also expected to be able to sight read up to their NYSSMA level.

Performance Skill Enhancement

During consultation with a Prodigy teacher, it may be revealed that more emphasis is needed in performance skills. We videotape student performances when the teacher feels the student is ready, then use those recordings to help the student past performance issues. The goal will be to help the artist create a good videotape performance that can be referenced when performing in the future.

Audition Prep or Vocal Coaching

Performers who are preparing for an audition will do well to provide Prodigy teachers with as much information about the audition as possible. This will allow the teacher to prepare the artist for their audition. Artists who need vocal coaching (in the case of recording a project or working on prep for a show) will need a consultation with a Prodigy teacher who will give them guidance on how to move forward.