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What Is Kindermusik?

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What Is Kindermusik?

August 2, 2016

Kindermusik – Pre-school Music and Movement Fun

Kindermusik classes provide a place for you and your child to get away from everyday life and just enjoy each other’s company.  Your little one will benefit from the many ways in which pre-school music trains the brain. Our Cuddle and Bounce class helps your learn how to stimulate and engage all our child’s senses. The side benefit is the bonding time you and baby have. This time is essential for your child’s educational and emotional benefit.

Kindermusik Sing and Play

Sing and Play helps your 1-2 year old develop the muscles essential for walking, running and climbing. We emphasis vocal development to nurture your child’s singing and speaking voice. You learn songs that you can do with baby at home daily. This helps speed up his/her development. In class, you and baby sing and move together. This helps your child to learn faster. If mom and dad likes it, baby will too!

Laugh and Learn – A Journey to Self Discovery

By the time your child is 3 years old, they’re ready for Laugh and Learn. This class combines your preschooler’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play. Laugh and Learn helps your child develop a sense of independence. They’re ready to take on their world’s educational challenges as they learn music & group interaction. You’ll find yourself asking who that child is, as you watch their growth soar.

Young Child – Road To Traditional Music Lessons

5 – 7 year olds prepare for traditional music classes in Young Child. Students from newborn through toddler, have difficulty in being able to focus for an entire half hour to hour music instrument lesson. They are filled with boundless energy and change direction at a moment’s notice. The skills they learn in Young Child prepares them to find focus. They learn important musical concepts that makes the transition into musical instrument class easier and more fun.

In this class, your child will explore musical symbols and instrument discovery. These skills prepare them for formal lessons and traditional music reading on a complex instrument. Learning to play musical pieces as a group is a very important part of this class. Students discover how everyone must be in the same place to sound good. Traditionally, children wait until the 3rd or fourth grade to play an instrument. Kindermusik for the Young Child, quenches the K-2nd graders thirst for musical exploration and knowledge. This class puts them ahead of the curve!

At every age and stage of your child’s early childhood journey, Prodigy Kindermusik will be right there to help you mark the milestones along the way. Let’s get started on your child’s musical journey!