Prodigy Arts Camp Makes Being An Artist Fun

Prodigy Arts Camp LogoWe’re excited to showcase our camps for this summer. Prodigy Arts Camp was a lot of fun before, but now we’ve turned the fun up! This year we’re unveiling THREE great camp programs that are guaranteed to make the summer fun and productive. Here’s what they are:

All our camp options are age appropriate thus making each camper’s experience a good one.

Much Better Than A Summer Without Education

Prodigy Arts Camp Fun While Learning 2At Prodigy Arts Camp, among other things,  we provide Music and Dance classes. For students who take lessons during the year, this a great thing. We have found our summer intensives improves student playing ability drastically. Parents have noted that after camp with us, their child excels at their instrument during the school year. This is a delight to their school year teachers as well.

For students who are just learning an instrument, this is also a great time. The summer time period is just long enough to see if the student likes the instrument and wants to pursue it during the year. It’s a great way for parents to save on the investment of purchasing an instrument that no one will play.

Dancers will love this program. Competition team dancers will get to work on conditioning and techniques they might not have the time to work on during the year. Dancers who just love to dance will experience a lot of fun and excitement on learning new moves. Beginning dancers will enjoy the support of those who have danced before, thereby making their learning curve shorter.

Our classes will engage the student during the summer. They will use analytical skills based upon our curriculum that will make their September transition back to school much easier. It’s a known fact that when children have been out of school for the summer, there is a review period that can be frustrating to both teacher and student. By taking these classes and participating in brain challenging exercises, returning to school will be more enjoyable and less stressful.

Trips Trips Trips!

Prodigy Arts Camp Makes Being An Artist Fun 3Of course what would camp be without great trips! Depending on which camp you are signed up for, your child will enjoy Theme Parks like Six Flags, Lake Compounce and Dorney Park, just to name of few. Other field trips include The Broadway Experience, Long Island Children’s Museum and Laser Tag. These are only a few of the trips we have! Last but not least, Our Academy and Discovery campers will experience our popular Prodigy Hunger Games. This is a game of strategy & physical play that no kid wants to miss.

There is so many things left to tell you about the camps that we dedicated an entire website to it. Visit for more details. Ready to sign up? Fill out the form by CLICKING HERE!

Let’s get your camper ready for the experience of a lifetime this summer!