Prodigy Games Picture In Action

After a great finish to our Prodigy T-Shirt Selfie Contest, our final week of camp has a new contest. The Prodigy Games Picture Contest gives contestants the opportunity to take the best game action shot of the day. The winner of the contest will get points that are going to be used towards their team’s final point total.

Family and Friends Can Help!

Actual Prodigy Games will end on Thursday of this week, HOWEVER, to help the teams get points, we’re extending voting until Friday evening at 8 pm! That means friends and family can vote every day, all day, until that time. Campers can vote all that time as well. Don’t forget, You can vote every 3 hours. That’s lots of voting for you.

Ready to get started? CLICK THIS LINK, follow the instructions & good luck!

Winner Announced for the Prodigy T-Shirt Selfie Contest

Genesis Gomez

Genesis Gomez

It was nip and tuck all the way towards the final few hours of the contest, but a winner emerged from our T-Shirt Selfie Contest. Congratulations Genesis Gomez for showing real tenacity in winning this contest.

Leading the field right out of the gate, Genesis maintained her lead for most of the week with no one near her. On the last day, there was a major surge from one of the other campers which put Genesis in 2nd place after campers came back from Lake Compounce.

It looked to be over at that point, however 6 hours later, Genesis not only took the lead, not only held on to win, but win by such a decisive margin that no one was close to her. Great job Genesis.

Genesis has won a $25.00 gift card that will be awarded to her during this week. Congratulations to all of the other participants in this event AND all of our voters who helped put all the kids on the map.