acting class 1Acting Exploration

What will you learn in acting class? You learn the joy and discipline of becoming a good actor through actual experience rather than just theory. Students explore using imagination to create characters while staying in character during a scene.
Good reading skills are essential to the success of the student. The actor’s skill as a public reader will grow through the use of reading expression techniques. We explore different ways to read the same line to produce different results. For many students, this is an eye opening experience. Acting students often become wonderful public speakers just from what they learn in class.

You Tube Videos

For the serious acting student or the novice just looking to have fun, this class allows them to create and portray their character on camera for use as part of their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or just something great to show their family.

Audition Techniques

It is just as important to an acting student (who wants to work) to know HOW to audition as to know how to act. We teach students important information such as how to greet the person conducting the audition, time to arrive etc. Those just taking the class recreationally will benefit by learning the same techniques they will use when going on a job or college interview.

Commercial Auditions

Prodigy School of the Arts has on going relationships with local businesses that look to do commercials to enhance their online or TV presence. These relationships will allow students to audition for ACTUAL parts in upcoming commercials. This is good for recreational as well as serious actors.

Electronic Press Kit Elements

For serious actors, we help them gather Electronic Press Kit elements that will help them continue working.


All Prodigy actors get a chance to do a complimentary headshot to use as they wish

Script Development

As part of the acting process, we help students learn simple script development that allows them to explore how characters interact with a story.
Prodigy actors participate in acting segments of our Prodigy Dance show as well as other events throughout the year. It is a fun way to learn how to perform and enjoy what you do!

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